Psych Health and Safety Podcast

Pitching the business case for Psych H&S to the Board - with Anna Feringa

Episode Summary

In this episode, Australian hosts Jason and Joelle chat with returning guest Anna Feringa. Anna recently joined us on a live webinar series focused on how to pitch the business case for Psychological Health and Safety to the Board and Executives. The webinar series was so popular we decided to ask Anna to record a podcast episode with us on the same topic. Key points include: 1. How much do the Board and Executives actually know about the new Regs and what they mean – conducting a ‘pitch’ prior to assuming the level of insight from the board can often backfire – What is the general appetite? Lots, some, nothing? 2. Is there an executive (s) sponsor or someone of that level that is aware of the importance of Psychosocial Safety to act as an advocate in the room/ on the screen? This is helpful to field high level questions / resistance 3. What data will you be relying on? External v Internal 4. Do your research -understand what is out there to support your business case other than compliance – reporting, claims scheme performance, industry reporting such as Thriving at work report etc, productivity commission, Modern Work, reporting. 5. How much do you want to tell them? Too much detail can get overwhelming and drive the too complex attitude.